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Ham It Up Plus v2 - Extend the Range of Your RTL-SDR, NESDR or Other Radio Down to 300Hz. HF/MF/LF/VLF/ULF Upconverter and Panadapter w/TCXO & Switchable LNA/Passthrough Options

The high-quality Ham It Up Plus v2 will allow you to extend the frequency capability of your SDR all the way down to 300Hz!

The Ham It Up Plus v2 is installed in a heavy-duty, black aluminum enclosure and includes a male SMA to male SMA barrel connector and male SMA to female BNC antenna adapter.

Will also work as a panadapter for most radios and can be used for both receiving and transmitting.

Proudly made in the USA and Canada and backed by a full 2 year warranty!

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Get ready to revolutionize your radio experience with the Ham It Up Plus v2--an addon for your RTL-SDR or other radio that will allow you to extend the frequency capability down to 300Hz. This advanced version builds upon the success of its predecessor through a wide array of improvements, vastly outperforming any device remotely close to its price range.

Ham It Up Plus v2 will provide a substantial performance increase for low frequencies (300Hz to 65MHz in upconvert mode) with nearly every low cost radio and RTL-SDR in existence, whether they implement direct sampling circuits or built-in 'upconverter'-like circuitry. Its local oscillator is a 125MHz temperature-controlled oscillator (TCXO), ensuring high-accuracy tuning, every time. This means frequencies will be shifted higher by 125MHz when in upconvert mode, so it will work with any radio which can receive between 125MHz-190MHz, including transmitters and transceivers!

The Ham It Up Plus v2 delivers exceptional performance improvements--and also looks great! We spent years redesigning the Ham It Up to minimize conversion loss, which translates to outstanding signal quality. It features filters that have been meticulously simulated, designed and tested to eliminate unwanted noise and interference, ensuring the signals received are of the highest possible quality. Like Ham It Up v1, the Ham It Up can be placed in bypass mode with an on-board physical switch to access the higher bands of your radio without removing the Ham It Up from your signal chain. Further, a built-in, HF-suitable low noise amplifier (LNA) circuit is included. This LNA can be bypassed with a physical switch for installations where an LNA is not required or a remote LNA placed close to a remote antenna is preferred.

Built like a tank in USA and Canada--and backed by a generous 2-year warranty for peace of mind.


  • Connect your antenna to the Ham It Up+ SMA input;
  • Connect your SDR to the Ham It Up+ SMA output, using the included SMA male to SMA male adapter
  • Ensure upconvert push button is enabled
  • Plug your USB power source into the USB jack;
  • Fire up your favorite SDR software, tune to 125MHz + your desired frequency and enjoy! (Alternatively, enter the LO frequency as 125MHz or use the “Ham It Up” function in your software and tune to your desired frequency directly)


  • Ham It Up Plus v2
  • 1 pc male SMA to male SMA barrel connector
  • 1pc male SMA to female BNC antenna adapter
  • Silicone feet

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 100769
UPC 0616469146137


Excellent DeviceReview by Steve
Received mine from your Facebook contest. Finally got to try it out as in process of moving. Hooked up to my NESDR v5 dongle with just the extendable whip antenna, and first contact on 15 meter ham band was out of Prince Edward Island. I am in NE Indiana. Not too shabby! Tried amp on and off, did notice raise in noise floor, but not bad enough to worry about or to bother signal. (Posted on 2/15/2024)

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