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Analog Devices ADALM-Pluto SDR Software Defined Radio--Active Learning Module PlutoSDR

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  • Based on analogue devices AD9363, a highly integrated RF agile transceiver, and a Xilinx Zynq Z-7010 FPGA
  • Portable independent RF learning module--cost-effective experiment platform
  • RF coverage from 325MHz to 3.8GHz with up to 20MHz instant bandwidth
  • Flexible rate, 12-bit ADC and DAC One transmitter and one receiver, half or full duplex
  • Product ID/ASIN: B079VXXKXR
SKU: 100797


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The easy-to-use active ADALM PUTO learning module (PlutoSDR) helps students from electrical engineering with the basics of software-defined radio (SDR), radio frequency (RF) and wireless communication. Developed for students of all levels and from all areas, the module can be used for both teacher-managed and self-controlled learning to help students create a basis for developing RF and communication in the real world where they can build science and technology or technical degrees.

Connecting RF Theory with RF Practice: The PlutoSDR works as a portable laboratory that can improve classroom learning. MATLAB and Simulink are two of the many software packages supported by PlutoSDR. It offers an intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) that allows students to learn faster, work smarter and explore more.

Made for teachers, students and self-learners, the PlutoSDR has independent reception and transmission channels that can be fully duplex. The active learning module can generate or capture analogue RF signals from 325 MHz to 3800 MHz with up to 61.44 megapixels per second (MSPS). PlutoSDR is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. It is fully self-contained and is fully powered by the standard firmware via USB. Since PlutoSDR is activated by libiio drivers, OS X, Windows and Linux are supported with which students can learn and explore different devices.

With dozens of available online tutorials for SDR-based projects, PlutoSDR offers laboratories and educational materials on topics such as ADS-B aircraft position, reception of NOAA and Meteor M2 weather satellite images, GSM analysis, TETRA signals, pager decoding and much more!

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Additional Info

SKU 100797
UPC 608614200276


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