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Ham It Up Nano - Tiny HF Upconverter w/ Black Enclosure, TCXO, & Bias-Tee Power Support

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A highly-portable RF (LF/MF/HF) converter for software defined radio devices like our NESDR series (RTL-SDR) and the HackRF. Wide frequency capability of 100kHz-65MHz, 1PPM accuracy, and bias-tee powerable!

The Ham It Up Nano is installed in a heavy-duty black aluminum enclosure and includes a male SMA to male SMA barrel connector and a microUSB to DC barrel connector adapter.

Ham It Up Nano will also work as a panadapter for most radios and can be used for both receiving and transmitting.

Proudly made in the USA and Canada!

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Proudly designed, fabricated and assembled in the USA and Canada!

The Ham It Up Nano is an HF upconverter that will allow you to extend the range of your favorite SDR or radio down to at least 100kHz. It is compatible with any radio capable of 125MHz-190MHz operation (to utilize the entirety of its 100kHz-65MHz frequency range). It is factory installed in a heavy-duty black aluminum enclosure and includes a male SMA to male SMA barrel connector and microUSB to DC barrel connector adapter.

It is important to note that some SDRs would have their ESD protection diode tripped by the Ham It Up Nano when powered externally through USB. You can still use the Ham It Up with these SDRs of course, but you would need to install a DC block between the upconverter and the SDR. This can be as simple as a low-distortion, high-quality capacitor in series with the RF path, should you prefer a DIY solution. We also sell a high-quality SMA DC block if you want an off-the-shelf solution.

Major features:

  • Small, light-weight module--just 2.0" x 1.2" x 0.75" (50 x 30 x 18mm) and 1.6oz (45g)!
  • 3 different powering options: bias-tee, microUSB and DC barrel connector
  • Contains an internal 125MHz low-phase-noise TCXO w/ 1PPM accuracy for improved sensitivity (away from high-traffic RF zones, like broadcast FM)
  • Double shielded from external RF interference (EMI) with the external aluminum enclosure and an additional internal EMI shield
  • A maximum input level of +1dBm
  • Contains 3 filters--input, output and LO filters--configured with ultra-high quality components for excellent sensitivity and selectivity
  • ESD protection on both the RF input and output to protect your Ham It Up & SDR from stray static discharge
  • Reverse voltage protection and short circuit protection on the USB power input to protect your Ham It Up from accidental damage
  • Ultra low-noise linear power regulator with voltage noise under 10 µVRMS!
  • Side-mount LED power indicator
  • Sturdy right-angle 50 ohm SMA connectors used for both input and output
  • High-quality PCB with ENIG finish 
  • Full 2-year warranty!


  • Connect your HF-capable antenna to the RF input 
  • Connect your SDR or radio to the IF output 
  • Power the Ham It Up Nano through bias tee, microUSB or the DC connector (center positive, 4-5.5V DC) 
  • Fire up your favorite SDR software.  Tune to 125MHz + your desired frequency (or set the software frequency offset to 125MHz and tune directly) and enjoy!

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Additional Info

SKU 100825
UPC 0616469146663


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