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    Ham It Up v1.2 - RF Upconverter For Software Defined Radio

    A high-quality RF (MF, HF) converter for software defined radio devices like the RTL-SDR units we sell and the Funcube.
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    Now shipping v1.2!  Major changes include:
    • Sturdier USB-B connector supplants the micro-B connector used on v1.0
    • Filters completely redesigned for 125MHz operation to move the LO away from the broadcast FM band.  Of course, a high-quality 125MHz oscillator is included
    • USB shield separated from USB ground
    • Other components in the RF path revised for improved SNR
    Ham/amateur radio enthusiasts rejoice! Our MF/HF converter for software defined radio is finally available for sale. Don't let our price fool you, though. We believe this is the best SDR upconverter currently available. Here's why:
    • Female SMA for both input and output for a wide array of connectivity options 
    • In-line SMA connectors.  Much easier to connect and manipulate than side-by-side SMA connectors 
    • Antenna protection on RF input; in-circuit in both enable and passthrough mode 
    • All critical components sourced exclusively from North American parts distributors
    • Only ultra-low-noise components used in the signal path
    • Ultra-high-Q, low ESR inductors and capacitors used for all filters
    • Powered by common USB-B USB for a multitude of power options 
    • RF-suitable power supply regulation (TPS79333) 
    • PTC fuse on USB power input to protect your upconverter from short circuits
    • Upconverter enable/passthrough toggle switch--less fiddling with small, delicate cables and connectors 
    • Socketed oscillator for a simple upgrade path 
    • Stable 25ppm oscillator included 
    • LO disabled in passthrough mode 
    • A maximum input level of +1dBm with LO at +7dBm
    • High-quality 2-layer PCB with ENIG finish 
    • Designed to fit standard off-the-shelf Hammond enclosures 
    • 2 mounting holes for standard PC screws 
    • Designed and manufacturered in conjunction with Opendous Inc., an excellent open-hardware design company 
    • Full project documentation--schematics, PCB design files, assembly information--is freely available.  DIY'ers rejoice!  We will have a limited number of bare PCBs available for those who want to 'roll their own' 
    • A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will be used to support this and other open-hardware, open-source initiatives

    BONUS!  We had space left on the PCB, so rather than waste it we have added a noise source circuit at no additional cost! We have even populated most of the components for you. We have kits of the components required to complete this bonus noise source circuit available for a small additional fee. Details of the noise source circuit are available with the project documentation, and a detailed image of the circuit can be seen in the pictures above.


    Before operating your unit for the first time, and every time you run with a new SDR, we recommend running the tuning procedure located here. It is not a mandatory procedure but may help fine-tune your, erm. tuning. Pop the included oscillator into its socket and you are ready to go!

    • Connect your antenna to the RF input 
    • Connect your SDR to the IF output 
    • Ensure your toggle switch is in the enable position 
    • Plug your USB power source into the USB-B USB jack 
    • Fire up your favorite SDR software.  Tune to 125MHz + (+/- the tuning offset from the tuning procedure) + your desired frequency and enjoy!

    Installation & Demo Video:

    Additional Info

    Additional Info

    SKU 100555


    Love itReview by Carl
    I would never think it would well as it does cause most SDR in $300 and up! (Posted on 3/17/2015)
    Outstanding way to extend your SDR range.Review by Jay
    This thing is just outstanding. One of the largest problems with upconversion is good filtering; and this unit has it. The unit injects an almost undetectable amount of noise and has very low insertion loss. The 125MHZ LO is a blessing; pushing the frequencies in to a band that's usually pretty quiet. The board is wonderfully designed; with RF stages assembled close together, but sections spaced far enough apart to prevent interference. Passthrough ability means you don't have to disconnect it to switch back to VHF, saving that tiny MCX connector on your dongle. It's a solid unit and it's intelligent board layout is why it' performs so well. I've pulled some pretty weak signals out of the air with it. Add a small RF preamp and this unit really can shine. (Posted on 12/28/2014)
    Great HF up-converter for the buck!Review by Doyle
    I purchased mine month and a half ago. It transforms your RTL2832U R820T SDR DVB-T DAB dongle into a general coverage receiver from DC to 1.766 ghz all modes. Weather facsimile, ADS-B, Military, Weather reports over HF, Amateur radio, SSTV, RTTY, FM Stereo, AM broadcast MW and SW, Why spend $500 or more for the same range of frequency? Here is my video example with the Ham It Up up converter in action. (Posted on 9/11/2014)
    Great Way To Get Into SWL using a R820T chipReview by gccradioscience
    I bought this along time ago, and I am working on getting another one for my tablet and new desktop computer for the bedroom listening post. It covers the long wave band through the short wave bands with no problems. I like to use it for DXing signals far away using a long wire antenna with a 600 ohm to 50 ohm balun. I also use it with my Kaito KA35 antenna for AM and Longwave DXing. The thing I do recommend is a RF preamplifier for weaker signal reception and I hope Noo Elec starts selling one. (Posted on 5/9/2014)
    Excellent unit for the priceReview by Bob
    Bought mine of their Amazon store and love it. It came quick (got stuck at the border but that had nothing to do with NooElec) and is working like a charm. I love that they updated it to a 125Mhz rock, but I don't like that they are using the large USB connector. Others complained about the micro so they changed it to this one, but I much prefer the small one as I have more of that cable time around.
    Also, I would like to know if this thing is capable of VLF reception?

    I posted some YouTube vids on my website at and

    Cheers, VE7WNK (Posted on 3/26/2014)
    Excellent and Inexpensive choice for HF listening.Review by Benjamin
    My primary hobby with sdr is being able to surf the shortwave spectrum listening to far away places and news. Setup is simple and the product is one of the best on the market. I have had this product up and running for a week without issue or incident. I would highly recommend it if you wish to listen to frequencies often times well below the ability of most of the inexpensive dongles and sdr kits. (Posted on 1/25/2014)
    Up Converter Dead Review by Gary
    To date the up converter is dead. It appears the 125 MHz oscillator is the culprit as tuning the RTL stick to 125 MHz (using SDR#) shows no oscillator spur as I would expect. The RTL stick works great...I'll gladly revise this review once NooElec replaces the up converter... (Posted on 1/18/2014)
    Great productReview by Diddy
    An excellent up converter with hardly any noise injected into the signal.
    Works as intended and within 5 minutes had a working short wave receiver.
    The up-converter looses 10db but this is to be expected, but I didn't notice as there is so much to pick up on the HF bands.

    I would strongly recommend placing the up-converter and card into a box and with a bit of soldering run the lot from one usb port.
    As for delivery, being in the UK the converter took almost 3 weeks to arrive. Not a problem with NooElect but the postal service. the up-converter had a nice holiday in Miami for several days. maybe overseas purchasers should be made aware that it can take up to 4 weeks to arrive. not a problem but would have been nice to know. (Posted on 11/25/2013)
    Excellent item! Works as advertised. Review by Larry F. (n3lt)
    This item is a great purchase for someone getting into SDR for the first time. I received mine on Jan. 24 and have just finished initially testing it with their SDR Starter Bundle which includes a DVB-T Dongle. It's performance has been excellent. The hardware combination of the upconverter, the dongle and the free download software, SDR# (not included with any purchase) work well together. It was easy for me to get it all going with no hassle other than my own ignorance. The upconverter certainly works as advertised, and its construction quality is very impressive for any amount of money. I consider this to be a wonderful buy. I, therefore, give both NooElec service and the up-converter a "5-Star" rating due to its performance, ease of use, and quality construction.

    Thanks Again NooElec for a quality product and excellent service.

    (Posted on 1/25/2013)
    Great and Affordable for the average Amateur Radio Operator !!!Review by Steven Jones - KB9FUS
    This is GREAT and AFFORTABLE !!! What more can you say !!!!!
    I am Glad some one finally made a radio product of this quality that the average Ham operator can offered. !!!!!

    THANKS, (Posted on 1/4/2013)

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