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Nooelec LaNA HF Barebones - Ultra Low-Noise LF, MF & HF Amplifier (LNA) Module. 50kHz-150MHz Frequency Capability w/ Bias-Tee, USB & DC Power Options

A wideband, high-performance, high-linearity LNA module designed specifically for HF applications

High gain, very low noise figure, and very low power consumption of <30mA

Made in North America. 1 year warranty!

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LaNA HF Barebones is a very high performance, wideband and linear LNA module designed for SDR applications in the HF band and adjacent bands. Power consumption is less than 30mA.

LaNA HF Barebones greatly improves performance when used with Ham It Up upconverters, direct sampling SDRs, and most HF-capable radios and rigs!

Each module allows for 3 different power options, but you should only power with one option at any given time! The recommended power input through the SMA output port (for bias-tee capable SDRs like the NESDR SMArTee) is 4.5V-5V DC. Alternatively, if you don't have a bias-tee capable SDR, you can use the external power options--the microUSB port, or the power input header. The recommended external power input is 4.0V-5.5V DC.

Though there is protection circuitry on LaNA HF Barebones for overvoltage conditions--and voltages of up to 12V DC should still work and will not damage the device--it is not recommended for long-term usage. Kindly note that damage resulting from overvoltage conditions would not be covered under the standard warranty.

Each LaNA HF Barbones module has an EMI shield to protect the sensitive circuitry from external interference and is fully ESD-protected. LaNA HF Barebones also has an RF limiter at the input port to protect the amplifier from very high power external signals

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 100837
UPC 0616469146786


High gain modest performance preampReview by steveratz
I tested the preamp on the bench with the DG8SAQ VNWA and with other test gear. I used external power, 5.0V; the preamp draws 25.5 mA. I tested with the bias tee. With external power, no voltage appears at the output--this is good. Gain was +20 dB at 60 kHz (didn't quite go down to 50 kHz) with +21 dB through most of the range, tapering down to +20 dB at 150 MHz. Input impedance was around 74 ohms (1.48 SWR); output impedance around 70 ohm (1.40 SWR) with about 24 dB output to input reverse isolation. Two-tone IMD was +27.5 dBm OIP3 and +34 dBm OIP2. Output 1 dB compression, tested at 1 MHz, was about 0 dBm. This is not a robust amplifier for resistance to overload so attention should be paid to how the preamp is used. This is expected for a preamp that works at 5 volts and draws low current. Noise figure was measured at 10 MHz at 2.66 dB. As long as you don't overload the preamp it's a fine preamp and a good buy for its very modest price. (Posted on 5/31/2022)

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