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Nooelec SMA Cable Connectivity Kit - Set of 8 RF cables for SMA-Input SDRs

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8 male SMA RF cables made with low-loss RG58. 15cm (0.5') each.

Full 2 year warranty. Great value!

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The Nooelec SMA cable connectivity kit is a great companion for any software defined radio with female SMA input, like our NESDR SMArt series or HackRF. Perfect for use as a field kit and for portable applications! It also makes a nice home on any test bench or in any radio shack.

Made with quality, low-loss RG-58, which means FAR less attenuation than cables made from thin RG-316 or RG-174. Heatshrink is applied to each cable end as strain relief.

As usual, a full 2-year warranty is included through NooElec.

✔ Male SMA to female N-connector cable
✔ Male SMA to female F-connector cable
✔ Male SMA to SO-239 cable
✔ Male SMA to female BNC cable
✔ Male SMA to female MCX cable
✔ Male SMA to female PAL cable
✔ Male SMA to female RP-SMA cable
✔ Male SMA to male SMA cable

Connector notes:
• F-connector is also known as 'coax' or 'TV connector' in North America
• PAL-connector is also known as 'TV connector' in Europe. Other names include 'Belling-Lee' and 'IEC 61169-2'
• SO-239 is also known as 'UHF'. The male mating side of 'UHF' is 'PL-259'
• RP-SMA differs from SMA! If your device has a connector that looks like female SMA (outer threads), check the center pin. If there is no center pin, it is SMA. If there is a center pin, it is RP-SMA. It can be confusing, so if you have questions please contact our support team for assistance.

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 100770
Connector Types Belling-Lee (PAL TV Aerial) Female, BNC Female, F-Connector Female, MCX Female, N-Connector Female, RP-SMA Female, SMA Male, UHF Female (SO-239)


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