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Stratux ADS-B Bundle: Dual-Band NESDR Nano 3

Nano 3 Stratux ADS-B bundle.

Includes 2 calibrated and programmed NESDR Nano 3 SDRs with included accessories, 4 antennas, and 5 RF adapters.

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This dual-band SDR bundle contains everything you need for a full DIY ADS-B installation.

2 NESDR Nano 3 SDRs are included. These SDRs contain an R820T2 tuner along with an RTL2832U USB interface/demodulator. They also contain an ultra-low phase noise 0.5PPM TCXO. They have a frequency capability of approximately 25MHz-1700MHz. The NESDR Nano 3 are very small in size, which makes them perfect for portable and embedded applications.

The NESDR Nano 3 SDRs are installed in aluminum enclosures to greatly reduce EMI, improve performance, and facilitate heat transfer from the PCB to the exterior of the device.

The NESDR Nano 3 SDR was designed to eliminate issues with USB port occlusion. You can install the devices side-by-side and back-to-back in nearly any portable/embedded device, without the use of USB extension cables, removal of the SDR PCB from the enclosure, or other such hacks.

There are 2 sets of antennas included. 1 small-sized, medium-gain meant for ultra-portable and cockpit applications, and 1 medium-sized, high-gain meant for portable and ground applications.

Appropriate adapters and RF cables are included to facilitate various installation options.

A split-Y cable is also included for those who wish to use a single antenna to feed both SDRs. Note that splitting a signal in this matter involves some signal loss--please take this into account when setting up your system.

There is a full 2-year parts & labor warranty on all bundle components.

Each SDR is lab-calibrated and serialized for easy Stratux installation. Each comes with a calibration certificate with the calibration value & serial number, along with a pair of adhesive labels which you can apply to the location of your choosing for easy identification.

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 100771
UPC 0616469146151


Nano 3 Stratux ADS-B BundleReview by Shawn
First of all the package arrived quickly and in fine condition. The included labeling was a nice bonus up for setup and installation. Greatly appreciate that the units were inspected and calibrated before shipping. We will certainly order more of your products in the future, Thank you again for your attention to detail.
(Posted on 4/15/2023)

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