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NESDR Receivers

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NESDR (pronounced 'any-ess-dee-are') are ultra-low-cost, wide-band software defined radios--truly affordable radio for everyone! All models in this series are RTL-SDRs--based on the Realtek RTL2832U integrated circuit.

  • All NESDRs have a warranty period of 1 year or greater
  • NESDRs are compatible with all RTL-SDR software packages
  • The tuner chip will dictate both the frequency capability and sensitivity of the SDR. Please see the product pages for details
  • 'Plus' models contain an ultra-stable TCXO installed as standard and an extended 2 year warranty
  • 'P' models have an IEC-169-2 (PAL) input connector
  • All NESDRs include antenna input protection
  • Plenty of accessories, adapters & cables are available
  • If you are looking for software, please check the 'Downloads' tab of the SDR product page
  • Having trouble with installation? Try taking a look at our NESDR Installation Guide for assistance.
  • Still confused? Have a specific question in mind? Please email us using the contact link and we'll be happy to help!