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HF Bundle: NESDR Mini 2

High-performance HF solution, starting at under $70!

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1 x Nooelec NESDR Mini 2 USB RTL-SDR and ADS-B Receiver Set, RTL2832U and R820T2 Tuner, w/ Antenna. MCX Input. Low-Cost Software Defined Radio Compatible with Many SDR Software Packages, ESD-Safe   +US$0.00
1 x Male MCX (right-angle) to Male SMA pigtail cable, RG-316, 0.5' length   +US$0.00

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Price as configured: US$62.95




This HF bundle contains everything you need to get you listening to HF radio on your computer, fast!

Each kit will contain an SDR, an upconverter to enable HF reception, and a cable to connect the two units.

Optional items include a quality aluminum upconverter enclosure and antenna adapters to connect various antenna types to the upconverter.

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 999005


Very good for the priceReview by Mehdi
It's working good. The package does not contain an assembly manual, but you can find lots of Youtube videos showing how to do it.
I'm also very happy with NooElec's support team. They reply to your problems/questions very fast. (Posted on 7/13/2015)
Mini 2 Bundle on WSPRReview by John
Recently purchased the Mini 2 Bundle from Nooelec. I decided to try it out on the Amateur radio mode, WSPR (weak signal propogation reporter), I was just amazed at how well it performed. WSPR uses a 4FSK at approx 1.5 Hz shift, which gives you about a 6Hz wide signal. We use a 200 Hz window to receive many wspr signals, so the receiver has to be stable and sensitive enough to pull those weak signals out of the "hash".


Check out the link.

John KC4RSN (Posted on 3/26/2015)
Mini 2 with Ham-It-UpReview by K8KJG
I recently purchased the Mini 2 SDR with the Ham-It-Up and the RF cable to connect the Mini 2 to the Up converter. I haven't had this much fun with a radio in more than 50 years. It took me a little bit learn it and the indiosyncracies of the SDR# and HDSDR software.

This the greatest ham receiver I've ever owned.

I did not buy the cases, but at this point I'm not sorry that I didn't. Only because i needed to do some comtrolled tweaking. However, I may still buy the one for the Minii-2.

First, the bundle came in two days. Second, it worked right out of the box -- not optimally, but I could tell I could make it work like I desired.

One of the first things I did was to mount and shield the up converter in a tight EMI/RFI chassis. I wanted it well shielded and I wanted the input and output connectors on the same end. I also wanted the RF input to be a BNC.

In mounting the PC board, I found that there are traces very near the plated-thru mounting holes. Even with small-pattern #4 hardware, the washers and nuts will extend over some very small traces. If using the mounting holes, be sure to place a fiber washer or some caption tape between the top of the PCB and he nuts and washers to prevent damaging the traces.

With that said, the board is very well designed for RF and is of very high quality, as are the components. It appears to be FR-4 material, with plenty of good groundplane.The board is nicely silkscreened and coated with good quality blue soldermask.

It took me about a week of tinkering to get it optimized for peak performance. I live next to a 500,000 volt power transmission line. It causes significant common mode interference problems.

In trying to tame everything down, I started by using a 6-foot USB cable to the Mini 2. I encased the entire cable and dongle in mu-metal open-weave braided shielding. I moved the dongle as far from the computer as the cable would allow. As mentioned above, I'd already complely shielded the upconver in an EMI/RFI tight chassis.

I continued to experience lots of noise, harmonics, and intermodulation products. I placed a 100 dB step attenuator in the upconverter's antenna input line. That helped significantly. Depending on what part of the 0.5 to 30 MHz spectrum I am in, I need between 5 and 40-60 dB of attenuation to prevent overloading that causes desensitization, blocking, intermods and broadband noise.

Once the frontend was tamed, I found that the output of the up converter could still over drive the dongle with signals that caused other spurs, IMD, desensitation, noise and other undesirables regardless of the gain and AGC settings.. I added a 10 dB attenuator in the IF output line to the upconverter IF input.

My radio is now performing like a really expensive piece of industrial equipment. I now get excellent performance below 30 MHz whether I'm using my 137-foot open-wire fed doublet, a 2 meter 5/8ths wave whip magnetically mounted on a big cookie sheet tied directly to my outside ground system, or to an unturned 3-foot diameter coaxial shielded loop antenna with a FET amplifier right at the feedpoint.

I couldn't be happier with the result's. Now I just need to make it look pretty without compromising the performance?

Ken/K8KJG (Posted on 1/4/2015)
It is the best $100 you can spend for HF.Review by Jay
I've written reviews for the individual components; but why write one for the bundle? Because it has to be the best $100 solution for HF I've found; plus it will do a whole lot more. While you will have to buy something to connect your antenna or their amazing little balun up to the Ham It Up, you'll get everything you need to get started in HF; "upgrade" your current rig, or just play around. The aluminum enclosure for the Ham It Up is highly recommended; it not only protects the board and provides shielding, but it looks nice and adds a real finished look to your setup. However you configure the bundle you buy; you're getting an excellent deal. (Posted on 12/28/2014)

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