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Ham It Up Plus Barebones - HF Upconverter w/ TCXO, ULF Support & Noise Source

A high-quality RF (ULF/VLF/LF/MF/HF) converter for software defined radio devices like our NESDR series and the HackRF--extends your radio range down to 300Hz. Ham It Up Plus will also work as a panadapter for most radios and can be used for both receiving and transmitting.

Frequency capability of 300Hz-65MHz in upconvert mode and 300Hz-6GHz in passthrough mode.

Proudly made in the USA and Canada!

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Proudly designed, fabricated and assembled in the USA and Canada!

The Ham It Up Plus is an HF upconverter that will allow you to extend the range of your favorite radio down to at least 300Hz! It is compatible with any radio capable of 125MHz-190MHz (for full 300Hz-65MHz operation in upconvert mode).

Ham It Up Plus has all the same fantastic features as the Ham It Up, plus the following major changes.

Major differences vs. Ham It Up v1.3

  • A 125MHz TCXO, custom built for exclusively for NooElec by our Japanese partner, is included and pre-installed, providing more accurate and stable tuning in any environment
  • Ultra-low distortion ceramic capacitors, custom built exclusively for NooElec by our Taiwanese partner, allowed us to extend the range of the Ham It Up Plus all the way down to 300Hz
  • The separate noise source circuit is fully assembled, which can be used for a number of RF projects, including calibration and tuning of filters, amplifiers and attenuators
  • Form factor was kept identical to the Ham It Up, which means the same enclosure can be used (note a new end panel may be required to accommodate the additional SMA connector of the noise source circuit)

Major features:

  • Input, output and LO filters configured for substantial sensitivity and selectivity improvements
  • Ultra low-noise linear power regulator (LP5907), with voltage noise under 10 µVRMS!
  • Optional battery-powered operation for DXing on the go!  (easy-to-assemble AAA battery holder sold separately, or roll-your-own solution with the easily-accessible battery power input vias)
  • New side-mount LED indicators, easily visible with or without an enclosure (Green = upconvert mode enabled; Yellow = USB powered; Red = low voltage)
  • u.FL socket (also known as IPX and UMCC) available for optional clock injection from an external clock source, should a higher-accuracy clock be desired
  • 5 other u.FL socket mounting footprints for simplified testing, troubleshooting and demonstration purposes
  • Additional mounting holes to facilitate custom installations
  • Sturdy right-angle SMA connectors to improve spacing tolerances and ensure physical compatibility with our machined aluminum enclosures (enclosures sold separately)

Other features:

  • Female SMA for both input and output for a wide array of connectivity options 
  • In-line SMA connectors.  Much easier to connect and manipulate than side-by-side SMA connectors 
  • Antenna protection on RF input--in-circuit in both enable and passthrough mode--to protect your Ham It Up & SDR from stray ESD
  • All critical components sourced exclusively from North American parts distributors
  • Only ultra-low-noise components used in the signal path
  • Ultra-high-Q, low ESR inductors and capacitors used for all filters
  • Powered by a sturdy & common USB-B USB socket for a multitude of power input options 
  • PTC fuse on USB power input to protect your Ham It Up upconverter from short circuits
  • Upconverter enable/passthrough toggle switch--less fiddling with small, delicate cables and connectors 
  • 125MHz oscillator for improved sensitivity (away from high-traffic RF zones, like broadcast FM)
  • LO disabled in passthrough mode 
  • A maximum input level of +1dBm with LO at +7dBm
  • High-quality PCB with ENIG finish 
  • Small, light-weight PCB (just 3.8" x 1.9")
  • Designed to fit standard off-the-shelf Hammond enclosures 
  • 7 mounting holes for standard PC screws 
  • Designed and manufacturered in conjunction with Opendous Inc., an excellent open-hardware design company 
  • Full project documentation--schematics, PCB design files and assembly information--is freely available.


  • Connect your antenna to the RF input 
  • Connect your SDR to the IF output 
  • Ensure your toggle switch is in the enable position 
  • Plug your USB power source into the USB-B USB jack 
  • Fire up your favorite SDR software.  Tune to 125MHz + (+/- the tuning offset from the tuning procedure) + your desired frequency and enjoy!

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 100721
UPC 0616469146076


Scattered!Review by sparseMatrix
First lets talk about the website - because the link to the Ham It Up Plus (assembled) is broken, I am forced to review the product I bought here on the barebones pages.

Right off the bat, the thing that will impress you is how completely engineered and well constructed this device is. Kudos!

If the innards are constructed to an equally high degree of workmanship, done and well done.

The less than perfect value score I give the device is due to a lack of documentation. I can't seem to find a pdf or anything anywhere, and nothing came with it. Note that I am not without an appreciation that this is an exceedingly simple device which requires no explanation to the experienced radio operator; however I'm a newly minted ham, with an immense background but little operationally-specific knowledge.

It serves perhaps, to mention here that I am using the Hack It Up Plus with a Nooelec NESDR SMArt xtr connected to a raspi 4/2 GB. I'm currently using gqrx to operate the radio.

The minimalist description on the website states:

"Frequency capability of 300Hz-65MHz in upconvert mode and 300Hz-6GHz in passthrough mode."

This would seem to suggest that having the device connected, powered up, and in passthrough mode would provide optimum coverage of the spectrum from 300Hz to 6GHz. Given that this is the case, what would be the advantage of operating in upconvert mode, with a coverage of only 300Hz-65MHz?

Is there a typo in play here? or am I missing something critical? I observed that I cannot tune anything at all while in upconvert mode. Indeed, I cannot find a signal at all, though I suspect that I am not using an appropriate antenna, so given a fairly sensitive device, this is probably to be expected.

Please understand that I am not unhappy with my purchase - quite the contrary actually! though I could use 'a litlle leg-up' getting up and running with it : )


73 KI5SMN (Posted on 12/19/2021)

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