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1m Addressable 24-Bit RGB LED Strip, Waterproof, WS2801, 32 Pixels per Meter

1m WS2801 RGB LED strip, 32 LED/m, IP68 waterproofed with JST-SM connectors.
SKU: 100358
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Not your average RGB LED strip! Not only are these fully waterproofed, but each LED is also independently addressable, opening up entirely new lighting possibilities. Each LED is powered by a WS2801 IC. There are 32 LEDs per meter, and therefore a total of 32 'pixels' on the 1 meter strip you will receive. At full brightness the strip will require 1.8A of power, so be sure you have an ample power supply. We also stock the power supplies for these if you require them.

Each end of the strip has 4 wire leads leading to a JST SM connector, female for input and male for output: Red=5V DC Green=Clock Yellow=Data Black=Ground

Mating connectors are available in our store. If you do not require connection to another string you can cut off the male output connector and use it to connect to the female connector. Connectors can also be removed completely if not necessary for your application--there is plenty of wire lead to allow for a direct-solder connection.

For you Arduino users we highly recommend the open-source fastspi library as a jumping point for your own code.

The WS2801 employs a 2-wire serial data connection, similar to SPI or I2C. ICs are chained together which means whole strings can be controlled using just 2 pins on your microcontroller.

Data is clocked in starting with the MSB of the red gray scale data and ending with the LSB of the blue gray scale data. Plenty more information is available in the datasheet.

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 100358
LED Driver Chip WS2801
Strip Density (Pixels per m) 32
Waterproof? Yes
Waterproof Connectors Included? No
Connectors Included? Yes


WS2801 verses WS2811 and Break ApartReview by Hop
I think it is good to note that WS2801 based systems use a separate clock and data line, where the WS2811 does not. That presents some coding uniqueness so keep that in mind. Also, although I haven't received my strip yet, it looks like the individual modules are able to be separated. This is great for expanding distance between the LED's for something like the individual beams of the soffit, behind the fascia of a home's roof.

What remains to be seen is how this separation effects the data channel of a string of these. I will see. =) (Posted on 12/7/2012)

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