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1m Addressable 24-Bit RGB LED Strip, IP68 Waterproof, WS2812B (WS2811), 60 Pixels per Meter

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A 1m waterproof addressable RGB LED strip with WS2811 LED driver ICs. 60 pixels per meter.
SKU: 100557


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Not your average RGB LED strip! Not only are these fully waterproofed to IP68 standards, with crystal-clear PVC jacketing injected with high-quality epoxy, but each LED is also independently addressable, opening up entirely new lighting possibilities. Addressable LEDs allow each individual LED to have a distinct color & brightness to every other LED. It allows you to display most anything on an LED strip that can be displayed on this screen! Full color video, signs, complex chase patterns, persistence of vision projects--really, the sky is the limit.

Each pixel is on a separate PCB, which allows you to cut up the strips into smaller segments if required for your installation. Each PCB is about 2/3 of an inch.

Each PLCC-6 (5050) WS2812B LED is controlled by an WS2811 IC die located inside--nifty, right? We also carry these special LEDs in our store. WS2812B are a much improved version of WS2812 & WS2812S. Changes include higher brightness and reverse-polarity protection. What's not to like?

Each end of the strip has a 3 pin JST-SM connector: Green=5V DC Red=Data/Clock In Black=Ground The male connector is input and the female connector is output.

For those who want a ready-to-go solution we sell a highly-configurable RGB controller compatible with WS2811-powered pixels such as these.

For you Arduino users we highly recommend the open-source fastspi library as jumping point for your own code.

The WS2811 employs a 1-wire serial data connection. ICs are chained together which means whole strings can be controlled using just 1 pin on your microcontroller. For more information we recommend reviewing the datasheet above or contacting us for further technical details.

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 100557
LED Driver Chip WS2811
Strip Density (Pixels per m) 60
Waterproof? Yes
Waterproof Connectors Included? No
Connectors Included? Yes


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